Spirit Dance Inc & Patricia Wettig begin partnership

Spirit Dance Inc

Spirit Dance Inc & Patricia Wettig near Dutch genius…

Patricia Wettig

In Encino, Spirit Dance Inc & Patricia Wettig are looking to bring Tobit, a modern comedic Jewish family adventure spec by professor/scribe Billy Burke. The Pic will be produced by Spirit Dance Inc, through his Amsterdam Ink Society, along with Patricia Wettig and Adam Sandler’s Entertainment Group.  They will be represented by Agency For The Performing Arts and Tobit.

Billy Burke Tobit Writer

TITLE: Tobit (script download)

Mel Gibson involved in Tobit movie!

PREMISE: Tobit is an observant Dutch Jew living in Amsterdam. He lives correctly, giving alms and burying the dead. In spite of his good works, Tobit is struck blind. Concurrent with Tobit’s story is that of Sarah, daughter of one of Tobit’s distant relative, whose seven successive husbands are each killed by a demon on their wedding night. When Tobit and Sarah pray to God for deliverance, God sends the angel Raphael to act as intercessor. Tobit regains his sight, and Sarah marries Tobit’s son Tobias. The story closes with Tobit’s thanksgiving and an account of his death. This is actually a Jewish short story possibly dating from Persian times in some Bibles is the book of Tobit, named after the father of its hero.

GENRE: Religious drama, Jewish drama, drama.

TIME: 1920-1040

SETTING: Amsterdam, Neatherlands

MARKET: USA, International

MORE INFO: Happy Madison provides a Adam Sandler


Gross-Weston Productions Inc & Tom Welling


Spirit Dance Inc

Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat 91

1011 LM Amsterdam

Here is an example of good screenplay rhetoric, from John Guare’s wonderful screenplay, Atlantic City. This is the end of the story.

Good screenplay rhetoric is simple writing, clean and crisp. Simple sentences are used. In fact, complex sentences are almost never used in good screenwriting!

Beginning screenwriters typically overwrite. They give too many details, whether they describe action, character, or place.

Dear X:

Here is a query letter by Adriane Rainer, a former student of mine, that resulted in over a dozen readings by producers, one of whom optioned the script.

I still pitch THE PARDON. I believe it is an important story.

Then he learned how difficult the sale was as well.