February 22, 2021

The latest batch of course literature from the EPMA’s ‘Additive Manufacturing with Steel Feedstock has been released for free download (Courtesy AML3D)

The European Metallurgy Association (EPMA) has released a new batch of course literature from its ‘Additive Manufacturing with Steel Feedstock’ seminar, organised under the EU-funded SAM project (Sector Skills Strategy in Additive Manufacture).

The released media will provide a thorough introduction to materials, with a focus on different types of steel feedstocks for AM production.

The media will cover the following topics:

  • The effects of micro-alloying, relating grain refinement to mechanical properties
  • AM conditions for a certain part taking into account the material ability for AM
  • Carbon equivalent (CE), t 8/5 concept and preheating temperature
  • Hardenability and maximum cooling rate
  • Types of heat treatments requirements for a certain part, inferring the heat treatment conditions (depending of the shape and size of the part, the application and the code).

Course videos, part 2 (videos from part 1 are available here)

Video #6 (Dr Özgür Poyraz)

Video #7 (Dr Özgür Poyraz)

Video #8 (Dr Evren Yasa)

Video #9 (Dr Evren Yasa)

Video #10 (Dr Evren Yasa)

Course Literature

Full PDF slides are available for download through the EPMA.