WILLIAMSTOWN, W.Va. (WTAP) – DaVinci’s Restaurant debuted its new childrens book to third graders at Williamstown Elementary School.

The book “The Strange Little Pizza” was read to each third grade class by author Lisa Collins and illustrator Sherry Bender. Each student also received a copy of the book from DaVinci’s owner Chris Bender.

The book details the life of Jake the German Pizza, who is bullied because of his strange toppings. By the end of the book, Jake becomes the star of the show.

“German pizza differs from a traditional pepperoni pizza,” said Chris Bender, Owner, DaVinci’s. “But there is nothing wrong with being different and it kind of depicts this in the book. It ends up being the star of the show as our german pizza has become the star of the show. During this pandemic, we did take the german pizza to local stores and were selling out of stores. So that’s where the pizza ends up in the book. But it’s okay to be different.”

The book will be on sale at DaVinci’s starting Friday evening.

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